Affiliate Disclosure

In the digital age, the concept of transparency is paramount, particularly in sectors such as online gambling where trust plays a pivotal role. At, we recognize the importance of being forthright about our financial relationships, especially those pertaining to affiliate partnerships. This disclosure serves to clarify the nature of such associations and how they influence our platform.

Affiliation and Its Purpose collaborates with several online gambling websites. Our primary objective is to provide our audience with relevant, up-to-date, and accurate information about online gambling. Sometimes that entails pointing our users in the direction of quality platforms where they can engage in safe and enjoyable gambling experiences.

As a part of this process, when our users click on certain affiliate links sprinkled throughout our site and take specific actions, such as registering, making deposits, or playing games on those linked websites, we may earn a commission or receive some form of compensation.

How Does This Affect You, the User?

  • No Extra Cost: There’s a common misconception that affiliate links might lead to higher costs for the user. This isn’t the case. Whether you access a gambling website through our link or directly, the costs associated with playing, bonuses, and potential winnings remain consistent. Our commission is shouldered by the partnered website, not the user.
  • Objective Content: Our collaboration with affiliate partners does not sway the content we produce. We pride ourselves on our objective stance. Whether a platform is an affiliate or not, our reviews, ratings, and recommendations are based on thorough research, user experiences, and platform performance.
  • Transparency is Key: We’ve always believed in keeping things transparent with our audience. Hence, this disclosure. Our goal is to ensure that every user is aware of our affiliations so that they can make informed decisions when using our platform.

Ensuring Trust

We understand that in the online gambling space, trust is a currency that’s hard to earn and easy to lose. That’s why we take our responsibility seriously:

  • Selective Partnerships: Not every gambling site out there becomes our affiliate partner. We engage in partnerships that align with our values and meet the quality standards that our users deserve.
  • Continuous Monitoring: The online gambling landscape is dynamic. Platforms evolve, and so do their offerings. We continually monitor our affiliate partners to ensure they uphold the standards we expect. Should there be any decline in their service or quality, we take it upon ourselves to review our association.
  • Feedback Loop: We always welcome feedback from our users. If you ever have concerns or feedback regarding any platform we’ve linked to or about our affiliations in general, please reach out. Your feedback helps us refine our approach and better serve our community.

Final Thoughts

Affiliate marketing is a widely recognized practice in the digital world. It helps platforms like ours sustain and grow, ensuring we can continue providing valuable content for our users. However, we never lose sight of our core values and our commitment to our audience.

At, our user’s trust is our greatest asset. Our affiliations are forged with a view to enhance, not compromise, the value we provide. With this disclosure, we hope to bolster the trust you’ve placed in us, ensuring a transparent and enriching experience on our platform.