A letter from an American living in South Africa the past 7 years

I spent the next two years devouring everything I could get my hands on about South Africa. I believed that studying a culture’s art, music, writing, food, and history was necessary if one wanted to comprehend it. And so, not only for the Afrikaans society but also for other South African communities, I did exactly that.

After those two years, I experienced intense regret for having started out with such conceit. I now knew enough to realize how little, if anything, I actually knew. I registered in school (again) to study pastoral counseling with the goal of improving my ability to listen and formulate thoughtful inquiries. After completing my degree, I enlisted in a second three-year program to study spiritual accompaniment, which teaches students how to travel alongside people as they struggle with matters of faith on a spiritual level. This takes me to the present, where I have two years remaining in this course.

I’ve been a resident of South Africa for the past seven years, and I want to do everything I can to help this country grow. I also want to stroll politely and modestly among the locals. But as long as one particular ethnic group experiences marginalization or oppression, this country will never realize its full potential. This message is intended to convey to you what I have learned about Afrikaners and my aspirations for them.


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British, Rhodesian, Australians and Americans – The “Philistine” Pathfinder Company

Apartheid South Africa fought a covert war in Angola for the United States during the Cold War while America was engaged in Vietnam. Locally, this conflict was known as the “Bushwar.” The Marxist MPLA Angolan troops were being trained at the time by personnel and military weapons from the former USSR. Fidel Castro of Cuba also dispatched soldiers to Angola in support of the USSR to aid the MPLA Angolan Communists who were allied with the USSR. 3000 Cuban immigrants first arrived in 1975–1976; by 1988, there were 55000. A total of 350 000 Cubans, including members of Fidel Castro’s special squad, served in the military in Angola.

To oppose these troops, South Africa sent its forces, including an airborne squad. A handful of former Rhodesian Army troops joined the SADF on short-term contracts in the early 1980s and after Zimbabwe’s creation. Some were incorporated into 32 Battalion, which became well-known through Leonardo di Caprio’s “Blood Diamond” movie, and others—mostly experienced troops from Rhodesia—were hired by Col. Jan Breytenbach to join 44 Parachute Brigade as a new fighting force.



SWA: South West Africa, now Namibia.
SWAPO: South African People’s Organisation.
PLAN: People’s Liberation Army of Namibia, SWAPO’s military wing.
SADF: South African Defence Force.
SWATF: South West African Territorial Force, formed by and under SADF control.
MPLA: Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola, marxist sponsored freedom movement.
FAPLA: Army of the MPLA.
UNITA: National Union for the Total Independence of Angola, freedom movement supported by the West and SADF.
CIA: Central Intelligence Agency – USA.
ANC: African National Congress, freedom movement, now the ruling party in SA.
MK: Mkontu we Siswe (spear of the nation), the ANC’s military wing.
FRELIMO: Mozambican Liberation Front, marxist supported liberation movement.
RENAMO: Mozambique National Resistance, freedom movement supported by the West and SADF.
FNLA: National Liberation Front of Angola, freedom movement initially supported by the West and SADF, then faded into background.
SAP: South African Police.
PF: Permanent Force member

Afrikaner vetenarian Murdered

A vet’s home was burglarized after she was assaulted and murdered, according to police reports released on Thursday.

In her timber home on a property close to White River, Nelspruit, South Africa, Dr. Rensia de Wet was assaulted and killed.

She was a well-known equine nutritionist and doctor.

According to police, her corpse was discovered by residents in the Nottinghill Equestrian Estate at about 16:30 on Tuesday.

Her house was broken into, according to Mohlala.

In South Africa, where there are 50 million Africans and a handful of European, brown, and Asian individuals, hate crimes are not acknowledged.
Hate crimes occur when someone is victimized because of their sex, faith, or skin color. When something is taken and “theft” is cited as the cause, hate crimes are frequently overlooked, including in the media. Racists don’t pilfer, according to this reasoning. Unless, of course, the bigots are white and the genders are reversed.

The Boer War in Colour! Extraordinary black and white photo’s comes to life!

Color photography may not have been invented until the 1930s but that hasn’t stopped an active group Facebook group from looking to change the past. On the group The Anglo-Boer War (The South African War) – 1899 – 1902, members use photo manipulation to add color to historical black and white images.

The admins of this group started a competition to bring color to this interesting time period. There are interesting prizes to be won which gives everyone a chance to have “a go”.

The competition ends November and include a balloon ride, books by authors on the group, original 110 year old Boer War Photo’s and several USB memory drives with thousands of Boer War photos! Anyone can join and try.

All they have to do is grab a black and white photo from the group’s photo collection, and color it in as life like as possible taking historical colors in consideration.

There are many people to give advice and new comers are especially welcomed to strut their talents. Once the photo is colored in, it should be posted on the group wall, with the following caption. “Our history in color / Ons geskiedenis in kleur” (A before and after picture does help to give a feeling of all the changes done but is not compulsory.)

So far a few members have taken up the challenge and as time progress you can see the improvement in quality with astonishing life-like effects bringing this time period to life.

It is not just as simple as coloring in, though time consuming, but members taking part also have to try and get the color of uniforms correct, and even to try to be as accurate as possible with people’s hair and eye colors.

War in Colour

AirBnB racism claim: African-Americans ‘less likely to get rooms’

According to a Harvard research, people with names that give the impression they are dark face discrimination on the room-sharing website AirBnB.

When compared to white-sounding names like Brad or Kristen, names that sounded African-American were about 16% less likely to receive a favorable answer to a request for a room, according to a survey of more than 6,000 hosts in five US locations.

AirBnB acknowledged in a statement that the problem presented “major difficulties.”

“Anyone who can help us minimize potential discrimination in the Airbnb community” was asked to collaborate.

“We are in contact with the authors of this research,” it continued, “and we look forward to an ongoing discussion with them.”

AirBnB is an online service which allows people to rent out rooms in their homes, or even entire properties. The site has has more than two million listings in more than 190 countries.

Identical requests

The study was carried out by a trio of Harvard Business School researchers. They noted that AirBnB’s model of presenting lots of detail about both hosts and guests paved the way for discrimination.

The five cities studied were Baltimore, Dallas, Los Angeles, St Louis, and Washington DC.

There was a 50% chance of receiving a favorable answer, meaning they were given the room, when profiles had names that sounded white, like Todd and Allison.

However, when names with African sounds were included, like Darnell and Tamika, the percentage fell to 42%. The variation was in accordance with “contexts spanning from labor markets to online loans to classified advertising to taxicabs,” according to the authors.

The behavior of masculine and female hosts did not vary significantly.

Researchers found that there was no racial disparity in the lodging business because AirBnB reservations are frequently made mechanically and without the host seeing the guest’s identity beforehand.

United Nations to investigate South Africa for ‘genocide’

Concerns about farm attacks in South Africa were among issues presented to the United Nations Human Rights Commission Forum in Geneva, Switzerland

Generally speaking, genocide does not necessarily mean the immediate destruction of a nation, except when accomplished by mass killings of all members of a nation. It is intended rather to signify a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of essential foundations of the life of national groups, with the aim of annihilating the groups themselves. The objectives of such a plan would be the disintegration of the political and social institutions, of culture, language, national feelings, religion, and the economic existence of national groups, and the destruction of the personal security, liberty, health, dignity, and even the lives of the individuals belonging to such groups.

StageCharacteristicsPreventive measures
People are divided into “us and them”.“The main preventive measure at this early stage is to develop universalistic institutions that transcend… divisions.”
“When combined with hatred, symbols may be forced upon unwilling members of pariah groups…”“To combat symbolization, hate symbols can be legally forbidden as can hate speech“.
“One group denies the humanity of the other group. Members of it are equated with animals, vermin, insects, or diseases.”“Local and international leaders should condemn the use of hate speech and make it culturally unacceptable. Leaders who incite genocide should be banned from international travel and have their foreign finances frozen.”
“Genocide is always organized… Special army units or militias are often trained and armed…”“The U.N. should impose arms embargoes on governments and citizens of countries involved in genocidal massacres, and create commissions to investigate violations”
“Hate groups broadcast polarizing propaganda…”“Prevention may mean security protection for moderate leaders or assistance to human rights groups…Coups d’état by extremists should be opposed by international sanctions.”
“Victims are identified and separated out because of their ethnic or religious identity…”“At this stage, a Genocide Emergency must be declared. …”
“It is ‘extermination’ to the killers because they do not believe their victims to be fully human”.“At this stage, only rapid and overwhelming armed intervention can stop genocide. Real safe areas or refugee escape corridors should be established with heavily armed international protection.”
“The perpetrators… deny that they committed any crimes…”“The response to denial is punishment by an international tribunal or national courts”

Coffee that tastes like BEER? Starbucks tests the new non-alcoholic Dark Barrel Latte designed to taste like Guinness

For the first time ever, Starbucks customers will be able to warm up with a beer-flavored coffee. Starbucks coffee is known for providing seasonal beverages like iced Frappuccino in the summer and Pumpkin Spice lattes in the autumn.

Yes, you read that right. Starbucks’ new Dark Barrel Latte is crowned with whipped cream, dark caramel sauce, and coffee syrup that has a flavor profile meant to resemble that of dark Irish brews like Guinness.

Starbucks assures consumers that although the coffee tastes like lager, it is alcohol-free.

Starbucks is trying a new coffee drink called the Dark Barrel Latte (left), which is intended to taste like stout brews like Guinness (right)

Only a few Starbucks sites currently sell the new beer-flavored coffee drink because the chain is still testing it to see how successful it will be.

Starbucks Black Barrel Latte is available in a few locations in Columbus, Ohio, as well as some in Florida, according to Musictimes.com.

Others adore it: Those who have sampled the drink have shared their opinions of its distinct black and alcoholic flavor on Twitter.

‘Seriously let down by @Starbucks. Horrible Black Cask Latte Please bring my Salted Caramel Cappuccino back to Ohio. #notfallwithoutit,’ said Kristin Juth, a Twitter member.

Jenni Tatum comments on Twitter, “Don’t try the dark barrel latte from Starbucks because it’s this icky blend of molasses and almost beer flavor.”

Customers can complete a poll at Starbucks sites that sell the drink to express what they like and dislike about it.

They also respond to inquiries regarding the beverage itself.

UKIP Parliamentary Hero, Jack Sen, Says West Intentionally Being Attacked by Marxist Elite, & the Afrikaner is an Endangered Species

n a surprising confession in a reply to a question regarding the policy of Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) which excludes millions of people from minority groups, the ANC government acknowledges that it has no idea what the real impact of the policy is, Adv. Anton Alberts, the FF Plus’ parliamentary spokesperson on trade and industry says.

He says the ANC is blindly stumbling along with a policy of which the negative effects are not known.

Adv. Alberts says pointed questions regarding BEE, such as whether there has been any research on the subject and whether it stimulates economic growth or creates jobs, were bypassed with jargon and it appears that the only two investigations which were done, were aimed at establishing whether existing enterprises were adhering the BEE provisions.

Questions about the future impact of BEE and accompanying job creation and economic growth and on what research these assumptions were being based were merely answered by the statement that transformation is showing slow progress and that the government is not yet in a position to analyse the effect thereof.

“The vague idea government apparently has about the destructive effect of the policy of BEE which negatively impacts millions of people from minority communities and which has largely destroyed service delivery, is a report of the National Planning Commission about research which was done between 2008 and 2012 which indicates that the poverty levels in South Africa have improved.

UKIP Parliamentary Hero, Jack Sen, Says West Intentionally Being Attacked by Marxist Elite, & the Afrikaner is an Endangered Species

When we want to dig into topics of historical significance, we frequently consult Jack Sen. In spite of the fact that he is a politico, the guy is a bloody genius and completely sincere.

His reflections on pre-ANC South Africa and analysis of the unfair comparison between New World countries like South Africa and the US have fetched almost 100,000 visitors to our website.

His connections to prominent Leftist writers in cities like Liverpool, Cape Town, and London are famous. You can read his writings on ManTalk, in the eagerly awaited Gentleman’s Journal, on the local UKIP page, and elsewhere online.

With that said, we have been trying to interview the bloke for months but he simply won’t oblige while running his West Lancashire parliamentary campaign.

He has no issue responding to academic queries, discussing history and international affairs, but beyond that, it is hard to get him to open up.

That’s why the following phone call was as refreshing as it was.

We discussed Marxist hegemony over Western European civilisation, his support of Steve Hofmeyr, the ruin of his beloved Britain, Labour’s complicity with sexual violence against women and children, his thoughts on the Rhodes statue coming down and terrorist Mandela’s remaining up, his contempt for Cultural Marxism, admiration of Nigel Farage, the EFF, his belief that Britain will be destroyed if Miliband rises to power among countless other topics. Let’s just say Sen did not hold back on issues he knew he was allowed to address.

You’re welcome. Firstly, why UKIP? I don’t know a lot about the party but they seem more Libertarian Thatcherites than the sort of flag waving radical centrism you espouse.

Nigel Farage. I was sitting in my wife’s family home in northernmost Lapland a few winters back. It was simply too cold to go outside and enjoy the nature, and I found the man on YouTube. I vowed that upon my return to Britain I’d join UKIP, run for parliament in my grandparents and mother’s hometown-a place I spent most summers, and win the bloody election.

You mentioned war. There is in fact a war being waged on people like yourself; men that speak the truth. Why is that?

There’s a war being waged against western values, western European people, western tradition and culture. There’s a war being waged against free speech as well as against decency, Christianity, traditional values as well as minority South Africans. It’s a coordinated effort. I’m just one of many foot soldiers being attacked for my efforts.

Blood Sisters: They scrub away deathly horrors

The extraordinary story of two Afrikaner women who scrub up ‘crime scenes’ in South Africa – and reveal how often the SA Police fail to report the horrific tortures suffered by Afrikaner victims in South Africa: often they are skinned alive, their body parts cut off while still alive, tortured for hours before they are ‘allowed to die’…EVER wondered how the blood, guts and gore is cleaned up at crime scenes after the police and the investigating officers have left?Ever wondered who cleans the crime scene where somebody died brutally? Or crime scenes with partially of fully decomposed bodies?

Meet the two sisters from Pretoria, who not only clean crime scenes but also try to relief the trauma of those left behind. Eileen de Jager and Roelien Schutte’s job is most people’s worst nightmare, but somebody has to do it. These two women perform the job with compassion and empathy. From farm attacks to family murders and suicides, they come armed with the correct equipment and chemicals, but above all, a lot of courage and humanity.  Ever wondered who restores order to the home of a deceased’s family?

Eileen de Jager and her sister Roelien Schutte do.

John Meyer Boer war paintings

The most well-known contemporary realist from South Africa has been working on a compilation of fifteen expansive views that comment on various Boer War-related topics for the past three years (1900 – 1904). The pictures make absolutely no claim to being carefully researched depictions of that tragic time in South African history. They simply make observations about the human drama that occurred and come to the realization that nobody genuinely escapes a fight unscathed. The show details are listed below.

After spending a month at CIRCA, the collection will travel South Africa and make its world premiere with a deeply fascinating document written by Amanda Botha. It is anticipated to be South Africa’s most popular show of the year.

The Second Boer War, also known as the Tweede Boerenoorlog in Dutch and Tweede Vryheidsoorlog or Tweede Boereoorlog in Afrikaans, was fought between the British Empire and the Afrikaans-speaking settlers of two independent Boer republics, the South African Republic and the Transvaal Republic, between 11 October 1899 and 31 May 1902.

Both states were ultimately merged into the Union of South Africa, a dominion of the British Empire, in 1910, as a result of the British triumph and conquest of both.
The conflict is sometimes referred to as the “Boer War,” but it is also known as the “South African War” outside of South Africa, the “Anglo-Boer War” among most South Africans, and the “Anglo-Boereoorlog” (Afrikaans for “Second Freedom War” or “Second War of Liberation”) or the “Engelse oorlog” in English (English War).